What We Do


Tradeloni is an independent engineering group with expert know-how in three diverse areas:

1. Sourcing and implementation of state of the art media and display products. Professional Visualization Products (BARCO) Commercial Media Display Solutions

2. Building Network Technology, Electro and Networking Solutions. (LON, PROFIBUS & CAN) Computer Network Technology & Maintenance (Lineeye)

3. Sourcing and installation of Rockprocessing Equipment.
Procurement and installation of Large Industrial/Commercial Equipment
Procurement of specialty Building Materials

We offer services as consultants working together with your electrical, industrial machinery, facility and communication technologies departments.

Further, Tradeloni provides engineering specialists, focusing u.a. on industrial equipment, HVAC, building technology. We specialize in value added design services for industrial and commercial projects.

Tradeloni´s support department will be able to assist you with proposals, from the planning, all the way to the system testing and project acceptance procedures. You also receive fast and efficient support via e-mail and telephone. We also supply on-site engineering support for the integration of complicated multi-part systems and subsequent development needs.